time to clear off

grey-in-white-in-grey – damned winter. it makes me so apathetic and sick. soooooo painful. unbearable. heavy. bloody. boring… sometimes it's snowing, so the sky is white, the ground is white, and then it's raining, the sky is grey, the snow melts away, the ground  is grey… the sun has left hamburg behind a heavy compact cloudy layer for a longtime now. the Deutscher Wetterdienst reports 22 hours of sunshine for hamburg in january 2013!!!!!! february may even trash that. 

anyway. this month ends with two highlights: last monday we went in bremen to see slash featuring myles kennedy and the conspirators on stage – it was loud and awesome. tomorrow, we'll take off on 11:30 am to miami, florida. i'm going to absorb its light and sunshine.