relaxed and well-rested, no decision making, except if exiting at beach access 12 on the way back from siesta village/beach or riding until #13 at the end as the weather so beautiful and it's just awesome to be here. in fact, there is nothing special you can do on siesta key, but enjoying the beach and sunshine, so you're obliged to ease and that's what vacation is all about. as far as we concerned, however, we're quite active, biking each day up and down the beach, and up and down the key too, so with the morning run on the beach as well, that's around 19 miles a day i guess.

with regard to the temperatures, no promised 80s f this week. after three days at 78 f, again changeable weather which is very unusual for march and upsets everybody. siesta key was rainy and windy this morning -- on top of that, hammering and home improvement noises on the property made waking up a kind of nightmare too... yeah, should not forget to mention that the place we're staying at this time isn't the best we ever had... the accommodation is situated directly on midnight passroad side, that means with view on and noise of the main road of siesta key with strong traffic from 7 am to 9 pm. whatever. this has still be a good day. after the rain has stopped, i went for a run, another route and on the street today. then, thinking it's a perfect day for shopping, we made our way to a mall, but malls are rather boring with all these macys and dillards and banana republics... happily, that's florida and sunshine was back in the afternoon, so we grabbed the bikes and went on the beach, against the strong north-west wind to siesta village, and had great fun speeding with the wind on the way back. tomorrow's forecast reports a sunny but windy day.