canyon, mountains and sore feet

i love the region of the verdon in the french south alpes of the provence — the mountains, the canyon, the healthy air, the deep colors of the green forests and the blue sky. scents of wild growing thyme, rosemary and many flowers. colored butterflies and bugs… mid-august we had a perfect getaway with long hours of hiking and exploring new places of the country side, we walked something around 57 km in total in one week, not counting my daily running hour. sore feet.

day one: sportive 14 km on „sentier blanc martel“, a canyon trail along the verdon river down from „la maline“ to „couloir samson“.

day two: somehow „relaxing“ 13 km of up and down from the village la palud sur verdon to the village of rougon and back.

day three: alpine 12 km up to the astronomical observatory on mont chiran from around 1,200 m to 1,900 m and back — challenging for legs and lungs (rarefied air up there!) but worth the detour, gorgeous view over the alps.

day four: idler car-day with 300km from trigance to séguret through the provence countryside.

day five: nearly 18 km from séguret to vaison-la-romaine and back through the hills in the provence of the vaucluse – not really moderate at 31 °C.

day six: wine tasting and buying, oenological visit of the green and beautiful vineyard clos de caveau.

hot and sunny weather non-stop — „the big heat wave“ as german people would call it.

btw — all the mess with the spring weather in europe was apparently caused by the genoa low.