fall sun

fall has come. was quite a lot going on last months – moving ahead in job, good times with good friends and good food and good wines, new terrific beautiful ultrafast apple's, and, in particular, get already for the big winter trip. as i type these few lines, today in 4 weeks we'll be hanging around on a plane somewhere between london heathrow and denver, colorado. bang on time of winter start. yeah. so rock 'n' roll. and while we wait to get to the rockies and join the bears, days became short because of this stupid standard time (no more than 8 hours daylight right now) and weather became icy cold, but miraculously hamburg spares us the otherwise eternal rain and brings hours of sunshine, so as it's more dry and bright than ugly humid and cloudy dark, we stay away from the depressed mood thatusually comes with the most depressive period of the year, and outside activities like runs or walks along the river contribute to a healthy way of life (think vitamin d!). today's featured image was taken at the elbe at 3 pm when the sun already begins to go down.