discovering colorado

winter in sunglass mode! colorado gets lots of sunshine in a very bright blue sky, not the milky blue one we used to in hamburg. the air is clear and dry (got bad cracked hurting lips), it's cold but still some days are warmer (last week temperatures went up to 70° f or 21° C!), and when the snow comes, it all twinkles white, although it doesn't last forever – here in the great plains it quickly melts away under the sun strength. oh yeah, and there's tons of geese here, huge flocks in the sky, millions in parks, on lakes and reservoirs, canada geese that stood in colorado on their migration way.

so. what's been up so far?

we've spent the end of 2013 in broomfield, denver metropolitan area, in the middle of family life at its best, with 4 rockers between 3 and 10… an unknown universe to us. new year's eve has been a great party and similar to our wedding in florida at frank's and amy's home 10 years ago, we were surrounded by people we didn't met before.

we started 2014 in boulder, located at 5,430 ft (1,655 m) at the foot of the rocky mountains. we're staying in a condo on pearl street, the heart of the city. there's so much to discover here – above all, the great nature offering lots of outdoor activities, like hiking, skiing, biking… you just need to walk west to the end of the city and you're in the foothills of the rockies, the flatirons, where you spoilt for choice on which trail to take. our lungs still need to get acclimated to the elevation, sometimes, i feel as i would breathe through a straw. and – who of you, dear readers who know me forever, could ever have imagine ME IN, ON and UNDER THE SNOW on my morning run??! believe it or not, it's still fun.

photo stream is open. you'll see the iced lake mckay in broomfield with its geese, red rocks, in morrison and in boulder, nederland and the iced baker reservoir on the boulder canyon drive into the rockies, some views around boulder, well, and some more or less interesting things.

come back and check out!