sun and (some) snow

colorado enjoys 300 days of sunny days per year. noteworthy difference between oceanic and semi-aride climate which makes it unbelievable for us north-german frogs that we saw no rain since dec 21st in hamburg! that's 39 days in a row. we have been snowed instead, yes, but considering one week-end of snowstorm, as well as some other snow in-between in more than five weeks, the deal is still not too bad for seeing the sun almost every day, and some of these days are lovely warm. temperature variations, however, are extreme – while last saturday was making me the gift of a deep blue sky with temps around 62 f/17 c (was bliss!), temperatures suddenly dropped on sunday late afternoon and we went back from dinner under the cold snow. it lasted all monday long, yesterday was back sunny.

so. we enjoyed some hot summer time in colorado 2012, and we went back with the aim to feel the winter. well… we got it! we started today in our fifth week in boulder and are about to close january. boulder is a good spot to live, and the experience is worth it. disrupting, enriching. but cold.