31 degrees 57 minutes south latitude

today's featured image: cottesloe's latitude.

this one today might be hard to get for those living somewhere above 43 degrees north latitude. myself, i could never have imagine that before experiencing it in the flesh.… see: it happens sometimes that the temperatures jump a bit around, changing from an average of 35 °c to 38° on several days in a row, where the temperature is already above 30° at 9:00 am (and force you to switch your morning run to a more-walking exercise…), rises to 36° at 3 pm, and suddenly drops to 24° two hours later, and at this point… it just feels cold. yes, cold! or call it cool, whatever, but believe me – 24 °c do feel frizzy under certain circumstances.

anyway. this january weather just tops to explore perth and discover this great and diversified metropol. i enjoy walking here around and discovering the places. there are the cbd, its city skyline and street malls where futuristic new buildings intermix with the old ones, the swan river and its shores, the many open spaces, and lots of interesting suburbs. subiaco, for example, is structured by little streets with town houses and homes full of character around two main axes, the rookery and the hay streets. no big buildings here, nothing higher than two floors, except some business or medical centers, but in most cases they're surrounded by green spaces and trees. the biodiversity is amazing – palm trees, gum and 1,000 other kinds of eucalyptus trees, as much as vascular plants, lemon trees, as well as plumeria and banksia and many other beautiful flowers unknown in our latitudes. it's all colored and deep green, shining against the deep blue of the sky, and it does smell good. perth is outdoor lifestyle.

we've been again at the beach. we've visited guilford, another perth suburb and gateway to the swan valley. new pics are here.


  1. Coucou Ça a l air top! Profitez bien Ici hiver a30 en journée, on en profite avant les 40 habituels!!! Bizzzzz


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