summer in perth

today's featured image: gum and palm trees – fav trees everywhere!

day # 13 in perth, the first day a bit cloudy as i opened the curtains this morning. only scattered little clouds. as i'm writing these lines, they're all gone. in fact, perth is a particularly sunny city enjoying a mediterranean climate and an average of 8.8 hours of sunshine per day – since we arrived on january 1st, temperatures have stayed in the 30th, we get endless bright blue sky, and it's like in paradise. monday jan 5th was super hot with 44,4° c on record, a layer of clouds passed over in the late afternoon, next day was back at lower 36°. thanks the "fremantle doctor", the cooling sea breeze, it's never really too hot. well. ok. except on those days over 40°.
we're staying here in subiaco, a western suburb of perth, known colloquially as subi. our apartment is located close to rokeby road, the main street of subi, and coming from ottensen it's not really complicated to get acclimated here. we get lots of coffee shops, restaurants and farmer jacks just steps from the door. easy going. from my current short experience, and the other one back 2008, in this city, i'd say that every day life here looks like living at a vacation place. beaches are only a stone's throw from here with transperth, so it's easy to escape the city during the week-end and have a short holiday for one or two days, enjoying the indian ocean, its clear water with different shades of blue and its white fine sand. otherwise, we're exploring the city – by feet, through the sunny streets, or along swan river. we spend a lot of time – including daily morning runs, and that's not only me ;)  – in kings park, located west of the city of perth and only 5 minutes run east from our place. the park is 4.06 km2 (bigger than central park in nyc), and designed by a variety of areas – some very tidy grassed parklands, botanical gardens and natural bushland with amazing views on the city and the swan river, and two thirds of grounds conserved as nature bushland (walking through it is really like being out of town where nobody but the wild life lives).

more photos here.