hundreds of kilometres on mountain trails

just for the records, here our hiking highlights of spring-summer 2018. 

. one nice warm-up early june with 24 km from avelengo to the omini di pietra (stoanerne mandln, 2000 m) and back.

. two weeks later, things got more serious with 17 km from falzeben to the piccolo ivigna (kleiner ifinger, 2552 m) and back. a steep and tough climb that brought me to the limits, getting the feeling that my legs would no longer have the strength to bring me up the last 100 meters and i really was about to give up. but i'm resolute, and it's lucky – at the top it's like on an island surrounded by a stunning scenery, just as a mountain movie and you're the actor in it.

. first week-end of july we packed our backpacks for 3 days out in the alta val passiria (hinterpasseiertal) where we walked a total of 50 km. as usual we chose zeppichl near plan as our base camp.
first day we went from merano to moso by bus and hiked from there to zeppichl (11,5 km). on day two we climbed to the grünbodenhütte hut, then to the lake erensee (2290 m) via the panorama trail and closed the loop via lazins alp (16,5 km of steep ups and downs). the third day we walked 22 km back through alta val passiria, beginning up-hill from zeppichl to faltmar alp, then down-hill to san leonardo via the path of passer gorge – at the end there was just enough energy left to get on the bus to merano and later go out for pizza and wine nearby.

. july ended up on a walk of 18 km from falzeben to lago di san pancrazio (kratzberger see, 2116 m) and back.

. august let us discover more of val d'ultimo on the ulten farm trail which runs along both sides of the very narrow valley – 19 km from pracupola (kuppelwies) to santa gertrud and back.

. and we made it once more out in the alta val passiria (hinterpasseiertal). as we did last summer, we walked our way back from plan/zeppichl (1684 m) to merano across the texel mountains, this time on a slightly different route and it was just marvellous – hiking the lazins valley up to passo sopranes (spronser joch 2581 m), down along the lakes of sopranes, up again to the taufen gap (taufenscharte, 2230 m), and finally steep down to the leiter alp (leiteralm, 1550 m) – this last craggy slope was an absolutely terrific path full of multicolour butterflies and flowers, and a fight against exhaustion as well. crazy. 17,5 km.

. plus other so-called easy-going-tours, like climbing 1100 m to hochmuth, biking or walking up to the kienegg inn in velloi, only for the pleasure of savouring an apfelstrudel at destination.

indeed lots of great time outdoors, and at the rhythm of roughly 90-95 km weekly i walked, hiked and biked some respectable hundreds of kilometres the last months, not to mention the thousands meters  difference in height – i'm an alpin late-starter, in fact, though if there is a life after this one, i'll be a mountain guide.

hot days are gone for this year, a beautiful autumn took place, showering us with plenty of sunshine and warm temps at day while the chilly mornings and nights let us shiver. i already miss the hot summer, of course…

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