the corona-drama

and to think that i was hoping for a better 2020 than 2019 has been… bang! all wrong.

january and february have been cold but dry and beautiful sunny. a delight. no need to carry out the umbrella – until the 2nd day of march that brought us the first genoa low.

our first mountain adventure this year was a snowshoeing tour from zeppichl (1684 m) to passo sopranes (spronserjoch, 2581 m) in val di plan, alta val passiria (pfelderer tal im hinterpasseier). actually the same as we did in march 2018, but this time on a beautiful winter day. 7 hours of amazing nature experience on 16,5 km.

and then, on 22nd of feb, sars-cov-2 burst out in lombardy, northern italy.
on march 9th, italy was declared protected area with the "io resto a casa" (i stay at home) decree which considerably limits travel and activities, allowing italians to leave their homes for "duly verified business imperatives" and "emergencies for health reasons" only – concretely, to go to work or in case of illness. food shopping is ok but not shopping for fun. everybody is required to justify their comings and goings outside the boundaries of their municipality by first filling out a form to hold with them.
all gatherings in public places, and any other socialising or meetings like private parties and dinners at home with friends are prohibited, events (sporting or religious) including funerals and weddings are suspended. schools and universities remain closed until april 3. cafes and restaurants can keep their doors open from 6 to 6 pm, giving a semblance of life to the population. medical appointments like dental prophylaxis have to be postponed. at this time, it’s not really clearly defined if it’s fine to go for a hike on the mountain, but of course, a visit at the barber/hairdresser is alright – being good-looking remains simply an italian absolute necessity… so far until march 11th on which measures became even more restrictives – no more cafes and restaurants at day time nor barber or else. all retail stores must be closed for 15 days, except those selling food and essentials. a walk is fine, however this has to be kept at its "minimum". and all have to carry this form reporting where and why they get around, no matter if by car or on foot.

italy took extremely difficult decisions to protect people, not just the most vulnerable ones. it's courageous and a huge sacrifice that will hopefully limit the spread of covid-19, in the country and outside.

life changed so quickly within 5 days. it slowed down, streets are now quieter and emptier than on a silent holy day. it feels so surreal, freaky. at that moment you realise the meaning of freedom of your own actions, of being free.

take care of yourselves. with hope. spring arrived 🌸