stay-at-home in south tyrol week #7

since all this jinx hit us, i often forget what day it is. days follow each other and are alike. some of them are good, others are sorrowful, and my state of mind is yo-yoing between serenity and disillusion. i'm not sure to understand the true extent of the phenomenon…

no pizza & tiramisu at restaurant anymore, home cooked fresh vegetable instead (tummy feels fine). social life happens at the grocery store only.
i don't know what to do, so i spend the afternoons outdoor, always alone. so did i even during the weeks we were forbidden to go for a walk – because i’m convinced that an outdoor activity like walking is a great health benefit, physical and mental, to strengthen immune defence system. though, each time i went out and about on the deserted ways, there was this bad conscience that tortured me, this feeling of doing something wrong, even if in fact there was nothing wrong in doing that because observing the safety distances, wearing that stupid face mask, there was no risk to put anyone in danger.

last week then, right after easter and a phase of particularly severe restrictions, the provincial government of south tyrol opened up a door to a more bearable covid-19-pandemic way of life, allowing people to leave the 200 m perimeter from their homes, even to cross community boundaries, as long as on foot *and* ready to put on the face mask. such a relief.
usually at this time of the year south tyrol is crowded by a load of tourists. at corona-time the lonely trails around merano, up to scena and tirolo, are incredibly peaceful. a pacifying and relaxing feeling.

the nasty virus rages and nature doesn't care. impassive, it filled with green and a thousand other shimmering color, and the sun shines brightly on an azure background. it's been over 20 degrees since the beginning of april.

one thing is sure: next time i'll go to a foo fighters show – when we're done with all that 🤬 sars-cov-2-bullsh** – is going to be an even bigger bliss than it ever was to be at a foo fighters show.