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south beach, here we go!

we touched down yesterday at 28 degrees c and today it's not going to be colder. hehe.
just returned from a morning run along the beach. it's just fun to be here.

36000 feet above the atlantic ocean

feb 28th, we're sitting in a plane, it's 10:12 am destination time, that is 4:12 pm at home, we woke up 12 hours ago and we just came across the ocean reaching the golf of st. lawrence / newfoundland — still 4,5 hours to miami, flying is such a boring pain, there's nothing going on, cannot sleep (although i'm dead on my feet due to my sleepiness the last days), cannot move, don't want to watch a movie from the board entertainment system — in a certain manner i'm not in the mood and i hate the airline headset that just do not want to fit my ears and were built in a completely ignorance of the noise reduction concept. just want to land... that's how i just killed little time with my first post from the sky. thank you Wordpress and Apple!

work from home

that's so geeky...


this winter, we're not that snowed as last year which is – should be said – already a plus. whereas december and january have been two awful dark months of stormy and rainy weather, suddenly, as if by magic, the sun came out again on january 25th, my birthday. light! blue sky! colors! sunny but icy-freezing-windy-cold days followed where temperatures went down to -15° C – back at something around 0° C, we feel happy about the mildness! it's all relative.
florida's countdown is on: 8 days to go before we take off. yippee!