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fall's update

i curse hamburg for its perpetual rain and persistent cloudy grey sky. i abhor grey. it makes me aggressive. sick. in fact, i shouldn't waste my time permanently complaining about the climate conditions in this part of the world, i should try not to pay attention to it, but i just can't help it. since we came back from our hot vacation in the states mid july (i'm so nostalgic about these outstanding 40° c), we have been desperately seeking for heat and sunshine which, granted, honored us by appearing over the region for some beautiful days but it was far away from what is to be understood as "summer". and here we are – in the middle of the autumn, all naked trees around, high fog, drizzle and temperatures droping… daylight saving time just ended. horror. winter time. our flights to florida are already booked, we take off on feb 28th, 2013 – blue sky, sea, beach in sight, perfect to switch bad thoughts.
so, what have we been doing since my last post two months ag…