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lorikeets, cockatoos? seagulls.

as mentioned in the last post, waited to be back home to post the last pics of our australian summer 2015. we touched down in hamburg yesterday in the early afternoon after a long and tiring flight (13 hours from adelaide to dubai, then 7 hours more to hamburg). now, everything feels weird. it's very confusing. it's cold, the sky is cloudy and low, the cars drive on the right. this morning, it wasn't the singing of the lorikeets or cockatoos that was accompanying my run, but the screams of the seagulls. that's a change… to take things humorously ;)

autumn in sa

today’s featured image: spirit of endurance, flinders range.
so, we looped the loop in south australia – weather was cooler, not that perfect like in perth, with cloudy and frizzy mornings and nights. yes, autumn already started here, but we really enjoyed the days in blackwood/adelaide, we walked, hiked and went for morning runs through eucalyptus forests, like in the belair national park where tons of rainbow lorikeets, cockatoos and many other birds sing and the koalas are lazy in the trees. we walked the beach between brighton and glenelg too, and got a closer feeling to the city of adelaide and subburbs. on march 4th, the awesome foo fighters played a fantastic concert of nearly three hours. it was just happiness. very tranquil aussie crowd however, at least in our west stand –no big breaking out, nobody going crazy to the sound of the music. they came, listened, applauded politely, and went home.
and we made a road trip in the outback to the flinders ranges – a breathtaking, ma…