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47 on rottnest island

today’s featured image: clear blue waters of rottnest island.

just back from rottnest island, west from perth on the indian ocean. a dream day for a birthday – biking around the island, birthday cake watching the waves of the turquoise-blue ocean at west end, enjoying the sunshine in a cloudless blue sky, over 30 °c. it's now time for food and a bottle of aussie shiraz :)

photos in the stream.

31 degrees 57 minutes south latitude

today's featured image: cottesloe's latitude.
this one today might be hard to get for those living somewhere above 43 degrees north latitude. myself, i could never have imagine that before experiencing it in the flesh.… see: it happens sometimes that the temperatures jump a bit around, changing from an average of 35 °c to 38° on several days in a row, where the temperature is already above 30° at 9:00 am (and force you to switch your morning run to a more-walking exercise…), rises to 36° at 3 pm, and suddenly drops to 24° two hours later, and at this point… it just feels cold. yes, cold! or call it cool, whatever, but believe me – 24 °c do feel frizzy under certain circumstances.
anyway. this january weather just tops to explore perth and discover this great and diversified metropol. i enjoy walking here around and discovering the places. there are the cbd, its city skyline and street malls where futuristic new buildings intermix with the old ones, the swan river and its shor…

summer in perth

today's featured image: gum and palm trees – fav trees everywhere!

day # 13 in perth, the first day a bit cloudy as i opened the curtains this morning. only scattered little clouds. as i'm writing these lines, they're all gone. in fact, perth is a particularly sunny city enjoying a mediterranean climate and an average of 8.8 hours of sunshine per day – since we arrived on january 1st, temperatures have stayed in the 30th, we get endless bright blue sky, and it's like in paradise. monday jan 5th was super hot with 44,4° c on record, a layer of clouds passed over in the late afternoon, next day was back at lower 36°. thanks the "fremantle doctor", the cooling sea breeze, it's never really too hot. well. ok. except on those days over 40°.
we're staying here in subiaco, a western suburb of perth, known colloquially as subi. our apartment is located close to rokeby road, the main street of subi, and coming from ottensen it's not really complicated to …


"je n'ai pas de gosses, pas de femme, pas de voiture, pas de crédit. c'est peut-être un peu pompeux ce que je vais dire, mais je préfère mourir debout que vivre à genoux." charb.

january 4th in wa

today's featured image: cottesloe beach, wa.

we already lived some warm sunny january 4th, for example that day in 2004 during our honeymoon on siesta key, or the two following in florida as well, but this one today was the most beautiful and the warmest. literally a dream day that we certainly won't forget. temperatures went up to 37° c under a sunny bright blue sky and around noon, we headed with transperth (perth public transportation) to cottesloe, one of the popular beaches around perth. there we walked on the shore, sat a while on the grass and watched on the clear blue water and until the horizon on the indian ocean, then had an unplanned but lovely 6 km walk to the south until north fremantle along the cottesloe reef. this sunday was just wow.

december in south australia

today's featured image: remarkable rocks, kangaroo island, sa.
more than two weeks in australia, hamburg and europe are far away. geographically, and in mind. arriving on dec 19th 2014 in adelaide, we have spent the rest of the year there in south australia.

the highlights so far:
mainly warm sunny days, but chilly ones too,
cold south west wind (here down under the equivalent of our north east wind),
staying in blackwood in the adelaide hills (beautiful place to live, koalas in park and garden, songs of birds from another world),
three days on kangaroo island with lots of wildlife (wallabies jumping around on the morning run way, but we've missed the penguins) and magnificient costal landscapes (admiral's arch and remarkable rocks at cape du couedic),
dec 21st, the longest day of the year in the australian summer,
barbecues with tasty food and nice drops from the region,
beach walk between brighton and glenelg,
kangaroo feeding at cleland conservation park at mount lofty…