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this one for our geek and nerd readers…
sometimes (or probably more often than not) armin likes to play sheldon cooper, but he won't just realize it. like today. first, while having again one of these internal communication difficulties (due to the interaction man-woman, or french mind-german mind, or precisely nerd-average individual) i was told that we need to synchronize. where i thought to myself heavens-i-am-not-an-iPhone. then, later, sitting comfortably at the terrace of the kienegg inn in the middle of the mountains, ready for this apfelstrudel i was having in mind, or either chasing after, during the 17 km bike ride uphill to a 1,100 altitude, starting a chitchat about the lovely weather, the fantastic panorama, how great it is to be able to escape the city so quickly, and so on, he looked at me and said: 1-0-1 5 (one zero one, five). eh? here the reason, a tiny card on the table: you certainly noticed the error on the cube…
(elucidation this way.)

omg. a cold front.

non ci credo. hard to believe, but in the news yesterday: a "cold front". after two cloudy days and a temperature drop from 30 to 22 °c, they're wondering on the third day bringing, indeed, lots of rain, what happened to the awaited hot summer. truly.
yes, everything is relative, and that's how it is here, everyone gets upset by only one single insignificant cloudy or rainy day. on the other hand, they say that we need more rain… er… or rather the nature needs it, and ideally at night. which, i must confess, would meet my principle too. anyway. today, everybody is happy again: bright blue sky returned, it's getting hot and hotter.
seriously. we're spoiled by the weather, the season and the beautiful nature. and with our new e-mtb, we can now switch outdoor activities between hiking and biking, discovering mountains and valleys with a different view. like up to almost 900 m at masulschlucht gorge in the val passiria. or a afternoon roundtrip of 65 km to bolza…