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pineapple express

at settler's park on our running way today.
there was another snow raid on boulder last night. this morning, boulder's dailycamera front page was featuring a "pineapple express"… hem… eh? pineapple express? in terms of pineapples, my brain connects to tropical regions, palm trees, sun, a bowl of pineapple chunks after a morning run on the beach, a piña colada at the end of a hot vacation day – not to a snow storm! nevertheless, it makes sense: a pineapple express is a meteorological phenomenon that forms in the area of hawaii (island-sun-sea-tropics-pineapple!) with moist air. it builds an atmospheric river along the pacific coast and the moist air is pushed through that corridor across the western of north america. that brought this snowfall into colorado yesterday night. (wikipedia is more detailed/accurate on that topic).
cold week-end ahead… florida, siesta key – hear me calling?!

sun and (some) snow

colorado enjoys 300 days of sunny days per year. noteworthy difference between oceanic and semi-aride climate which makes it unbelievable for us north-german frogs that we saw no rain since dec 21st in hamburg! that's 39 days in a row. we have been snowed instead, yes, but considering one week-end of snowstorm, as well as some other snow in-between in more than five weeks, the deal is still not too bad for seeing the sun almost every day, and some of these days are lovely warm. temperature variations, however, are extreme – while last saturday was making me the gift of a deep blue sky with temps around 62 f/17 c (was bliss!), temperatures suddenly dropped on sunday late afternoon and we went back from dinner under the cold snow. it lasted all monday long, yesterday was back sunny.
so. we enjoyed some hot summer time in colorado 2012, and we went back with the aim to feel the winter. well… we got it! we started today in our fifth week in boulder and are about to close january. bou…

relax, it's boulder!

boulder people call themselves outdoor enthusiasts and fresh-air fanatics. the town, home of trail and road runners, mountain bikers, cyclists, rock climbers, skiers and hikers has been recently rated the #1 sports town in america.
this week-end has been gorgeous: blue sky and highs of 60° f/15° c, a no-jacket-hut-scarf-glove dream weather, outdoors was calling and so we went for a couple of nice hikes in the mountains around the town. it was tremendous and sportive – partly walking on ice and still fighting with the elevated altitude to catch our breathe, a more intense exercise than in the italian alps or in the provence… we'll be as fit as a fiddle, when we'll be back at sea level!
pictures here.

around boulder

the week after the snow storm has been white and cold but sunny, and ended with windy days. we rented a car for the week-end and went on a day to gold hill, a former site of mining during the colorado gold rush back 1859 – we tried first to access the isolated mountain town with a population around 200 via the left hand canyon drive but we had to turn back after it was impossible to go up the iced lick skilled road with our small vw golf. so we went back to boulder and made the trip via the sunshine canyon drive, a beautiful scenic drive into the mountains. at gold hill general store, we met hugh who was running the business and we enjoyed a good strong cappuccino with a delicious home-made apple pie. at the end, we couldn't resist to get some more awesome oat-chocolate cookies 'for later'. mountain air makes hungry…
on the next day, after a great sushi-night at le grand's home in broomfield, we went for another mountain drive on the peak to peak scenic byway, startin…

icy cold

icy cold week-end. we're snowed. friday was a high of 60° f, yesterday was all white as we woke up and it has been snowing all day. new january 4 snow record with over 10 inches in boulder, temperatures didn't went over 22° f. snow paused at least as we went out for dinner, silent streets, not a lot going on. no run this morning, to cold (10° f). today, we went to eldora, the next ski resort at 10,800 ft (3,291 m), with a heavy chained shuttle bus through the rockies. it was so cold there above, around 3° f (-16° c)… never had that cold before. we're now warming up with tea and won't go out anymore for today – well, only for a quick jump across the street to pick up some food and a bottle of wine for dinner.
tomorrow's forecast says sunshine and temperatures back at 38° f. hurray!

discovering colorado

winter in sunglass mode! colorado gets lots of sunshine in a very bright blue sky, not the milky blue one we used to in hamburg. the air is clear and dry (got bad cracked hurting lips), it's cold but still some days are warmer (last week temperatures went up to 70° f or 21° C!), and when the snow comes, it all twinkles white, although it doesn't last forever – here in the great plains it quickly melts away under the sun strength. oh yeah, and there's tons of geese here, huge flocks in the sky, millions in parks, on lakes and reservoirs, canada geese that stood in colorado on their migration way.
so. what's been up so far?
we've spent the end of 2013 in broomfield, denver metropolitan area, in the middle of family life at its best, with 4 rockers between 3 and 10… an unknown universe to us. new year's eve has been a great party and similar to our wedding in florida at frank's and amy's home 10 years ago, we were surrounded by people we didn't met be…