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until the clouds and above

living in south tyrol, getting up in the morning looking at the mountains soaring up toward the blue sky, breathing the clear air, believe me, it's a big big gift of life. experiencing the beauty of mother nature to that degree is literally intoxicating for us guys-from-the-big-city.
first advent, the last sunday of november, was supposed to be sunny again after a whole week with no sunshine – yeah things like that may happen here too. after a couple of days they also become a real talking point in the news. so, anyway, we decided to take that opportunity of nice weather returning for a hike to hochmut, a farmer hamlet at 1,360 m above see level, that we already visited several times during summer over the years (for those who activated the link: i wrote "a hike", not a cable car ride to the upper station). we started our tour up 1,000 m in a strange low sky scenery: low clouds were covering the valleys and mountains around, letting just the merano basin appe…

here we go merano

omg yeah we did it. we left our life in hamburg and moved to south tirol to live a dream, and there is no single day going by where i’m not thinking that we’re completely insane. in fact south tirol is a multilingual autonomous province in northern italy – german, italian and ladin being the official languages – but it’s still an absolute foreign country to us, a big unknown that we have to discover day by day, step by step… it’s not that i need to learn only italian as a new language, no, there are two, as the german dialect spoken here, called "südtirolerisch", is far far away from the standard german (at least and by chance the one used in authority and media). believe me, when i hear our new fast friends speaking with each other, it's as clear as mud to me.
so it’s been almost one month here in merano. the two first weeks were just busy getting the most important admin paper work done, as well as meeting our new environment as new residents, not as tourists anymore.…