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südtirolerisch – the south tyrol dialect

a bit of linguistics today, a favorite topic of mine :) tough, this might be either for the german speakers of you – interesting, amusing, surprising, unique, unusual… "südtirolerisch", the german south tyrol dialect, still puzzle me every day. here a collection of first words and phrases: behebung = bargeldabhebung am bankautomat (withdrawal)bis speida = bis später (see you later)griaß di = hallo, grüße dich (hello, to one)griaß enk = hallo, grüße euch (hello, to more than one)guat morget = guten morgen (good morning)hoi hoi = hallo, ahoi, moin, hej… (hi)identitätskarte = personalausweis (id card)kondomium = mehrfamilienhaus (apartment building)mochtes guat es zwoa = macht es gut ihr zwei (take care)nommitog = die begrüßung am *nachmittag* (saying hello in the afternoon)pfiat di (pfiadi, pfiaddi) = tschüß, auf wiedersehen (goodbye, to one)pfiat enk (pfiadenk) = tschüß, auf wiedersehen (goodbye, to more than one)verkühlt sein = erkältet sein (to have a cold) live and learn!