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three days of continuous rain. finally.

finalmente, la pioggia. i see some grins over the line. not that everybody was really waiting for it, except the farmers, however nobody complained as sprinkle started early this week.
after a winter without snow and only barely rain, march and april have been very dry too.
and right after easter, the weather changed course, bringing days of polar air and a strong freezing north wind which upset everyone. and mother nature as well. it hasn’t been so cold since mid february!
at the same time, the public authority announced a water shortage, asking everybody to take care about their own consumption. in our area, obermais, water supply has been switched from source to deep-well which, obviously, isn’t as good as the spring water we normally enjoy from tap.
then, the north wind stopped blowing, letting the clouds take place over south tyrol, so relief came last monday as first raindrops fell, turning to continuous rainfall in the late evening. it lasted until this morning, and…

südtirolerisch – the south tyrol dialect cont.

here you go today, with some new south tyrolean words and phrases pinched in the course of common life: allfälliges = diverse, am ende einer versammlung/besprechung (miscellaneous)ansuchen = beantragen (to request)aufsperren = ein geschäft/einen (kino-, konzert-)saal aufmachen, öffnen (to open)erdäpfel = ja! die kartoffel, wie die französische "pomme de terre" :) (potato)gesuch = anfrage (request)gfollt mir! = das fb "gefällt mir" (the fb like)heuer = dieses jahr, heutzutage (this year)i woas nett = ich weiss es nicht (i don't know)jänner = januar (january)kimm = komm (come on)passt! = das haut hin, das ist gut, das ist richtig/stimmt so, super! (right, works!)unsinniger donnerstag = weiberfastnacht, fettdonnerstag (carnival thursday prior ash wednesday)visite = arzttermin, untersuchung (doctor's appointment, examination)vormerkung = terminvereinbarung beim arzt (making a doctor's appointment) and as for the weather report: it's a beautiful spring, …