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so long boulder

time to say good bye. we're leaving boulder today, last sushi-party in broomfield tonight, and tomorrow we'll head up early to the airport and land back at sea level in the evening in fort myers, fl, for two beach weeks on siesta key. we're dying for salty air!… and warm temperatures too. our winter here has been as tough as it gets, with an extremely changing (and challenging!) february month made of snow, cold, clouds, sun, milder temps and high winds too (with gusts to 89 mph/143 km/h on one night last week) – people say it's normally not so cold or breezy as it was this year and the other seasons there are all so beautiful and easy (well… except when it comes to the flood as for last september).
we're not only about to take leave from a gorgeous mountain region,  the #1 sports town in america, but also from america's foodiest town, so here some words about…food! colorado is surely more on food quality than most of the others states in america (in my memory…

garden of the gods

yesterday we went south on the i-25. the ride took us first through the (huge!) denver metropolitan area and then through stunning landscapes in the plains along the rockies – here it comes to mind how they must have been suffering in the old days during the conquest of the west! our destination was the garden of the gods, near colorado springs, where we could enjoy a nice walk in the sun around red rock walls raising on the mountain slope. the photos speak for themselves (i think).

cold, colder, freezer

welcome to the real cold… if january saw many nice sunny days (and mild for some of them), things took a turn for the worse after the pineapple express story… first, boulder got tons of snow. deep snow, deep clouds, three days in a row. we chose one of these days for denver downtown, however, we shortened our first visit to the capital of colorado because exploring the city was anything but fun with the cold and the snow, so we gave up and decided to come back another time after a short walk on the 16th street mall, and an obligatory visit to the bronco's fan shop (denver broncos were playing against the seahawks of seattle in the super bowl final on the next day and everybody in colorado was mad about that). the day after was, hooray!, a beautiful sunshiny day – although still icy cold. we went for a ride through the all snowy white plain to the mountains. the nature spectacle was breathtaking and stunning, with gorgeous pictures and panoramas of majestic mounts and red rocks cov…