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happy summer time

so we're back in old europe – we landed in hamburg on march 16th, big city, small cars, no palms, no sand, weird and cold. but, hey! spring arrived, days are longer, and today is a day to celebrate : we finally switched to dst and... it's sunny! chilly, but bright blue sky. yeahyeahyeahjumpingforjoy.
here are some beach views and palms to look at.

tandem in myakka

florida is made of sand.
we've been on siesta key nearly every year since 2003 and today, we finally made it! no beach, no beach bikes, this monday has been an absolutely different day: we went to the other side of the i75 to visit the myakka river state park (in fact, our plan last friday, unfortunately we had to make a u-turn after pouring rain started on the countryside) and discovered another side of florida with a tandem through landscapes of woodlands, wetlands, prairies and shady oak & palm hammocks. our first tandem ride btw, and a though workout on the very sandy ground.


very rainy this afternoon on siesta key, we were biking on the beach, so you can imagine what happened... by chance, it's still warm and the rain stopped right now.

translators, first victims of marketing

dinner against the clock

can you, french people and other gourmets out there, imagine a dinner in one hour? if not, just book a table around 8:30 pm at blueque on siesta key and you will experience how to dine out in a hurry — friday night we had our drinks, starters, entrees and a bottle of californian shiraz in terrific 60 minutes!
otherwise is everything fine — weather is awesome, hot and sunny, although strong south winds started yesterday, changing to north winds this morning, so today it's going to be cooler…
we stay at a lovely and quiet place out of the village with direct sight on the sea, we wake at 8 am to have a run on the beach, we go back to the beach in the afternoon, we go cycling (most of the time on the beach) and just hang a lot out.