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bye bye 2012


winter solstice

:: The last two weeks of the year are the worst two weeks of the year. Who the hell invented December? Curse you, Pope Gregory. It’s a disaster of a month, a complete waste of thirty-one days. And it’s not like early January’s much better. (douglas coupland – the gum thief) ::
see: the end of the world has been delayed, no bang today december 21st 2012 at 12:11:00 in north of germany and – yippee! we finally reached winter solstice at 12:12:00, that's going to be the shortest day of the year with sunrise at 08:35 and sunset at 16:02 in hamburg, which is no more than 7 hours 27 minutes 32 seconds of daylight. lights have been on all the day long and so it was the past days too. honestly, 'daylight' is an absolutely inappropriate expression for this time of the year, most of the time it's foggy or deep cloudy. that sucks. and at the top of it, this useless hohoho-it's-xmas time makes people screwy. omg.
anyway. 2012 has been a good year, there really have been great…