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so snowy – or winter #2 in south tyrol

one of the good things of the winter in merano is the tourist-free period starting in january right after the epiphany holiday when the crowd leaves the town and the christmas market finally disappears. time then for merano to turn on hibernation mode. suddenly it's all quiet, the atmosphere feels cosy, intimate and friendly, paths are deserted, a delight. 
this winter was the pure opposite of the dry and sunny one before, starting sooner and bringing record snowfalls, windstorms, high danger of avalanche through the season, and obviously avalanches too – january weather has been a turbulent one. in the evening of the 22nd, snow reached 2.5 m in the mountains. on some days, we were overwhelmed by the feeling of being living in the clouds (yes, much like in hamburg), though each day with a different landscape. on the sunny days however we enjoyed gorgeous mountain scenery.
what's more, with the new year we got the chance to catch another good thing of a snowy winter in the mou…