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my first multi-day trekking tour

our followers already noticed it. we love hiking. european alps, colorado's rockies, utah's desert, australian outback… so far, however, it's (only) been about some-hours or one-day hikes.

this summer brought us to a new experience. let's say, it was on armin's mind for ages and at the end i got myself into it – a multi-day trekking tour on the merano high mountain trail (aka "meraner höhenweg" in german and "alta via di merano" in italian) in south tyrol, italy. my sine qua non condition: we wouldn't do it on our own.
and here we are. the trek took our group of 11 hikers plus 2 mountain guides on a six-day, almost 100 km long journey around the majestic mountains of the texel group nature park range. we looked up to breathtaking views, enjoyed clean and scented air, met mountains farmers, slept in shared rooms with up to there unknown people, and learned how delightful simple life can be, far away from mass-consumption and urban madness.