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2015 part two

today’s featured image: la mescla – where the verdon and artuby rivers meet. a detour off the martel track in the verdon gorges.
so, this is what's been up since that awesome night with my friends the foo fighters in hamburg…
june rocked hamburg. slash featuring myles kennedy & the conspirators were playing here too, and obviously we went to the show. great gig.
july didn't brought us the summer as expected. hamburg was mostly stormy and felt cold. the fact remains that now, we're trained to run under pouring rain ;) we had an aussie migration consultant evaluating our chances for a permanent residency visa in australia, but the assessment results were not too optimistic – meaning a race against time (let's face it: we're too old), a lot of money and stress, and at the end no guarantee to be welcomed to stay – so, sadly, we've decide to abandon the project of spending the rest of our lives down under. instead, we switched to plan b, also called merano in s…