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südtirolerisch – the south tyrol dialect cont.

south tirol counts more than 40 dialects, all belonging to southern bavarian idioms. these dialects may strongly vary from a valley or a mountainside to another one, and in the course of the 20th century italian expressions have crept progressively into the vocabulary, making of south tyrolean a multicoloured togetherness and coexistence of austro-german and italian culture. a pleasure – and a challenge – linguistically as well as culturally. here another picking of words.
augngleser = brille (glasses)beck = bäcker (baker)bloam = blume (flower)casino = durcheinander, zirkus (mess)dai = los!, weiter!, erzähl mir nichts (go!, come on)fertig (die sind fertig) = alle, ausverkauft (over, sold-out)guat = gut (good)kassa = bank, kasse (bank, checkout)keschtn = kastanien (chestnut)ma dai = echt, wirklich? (really?)marillen = aprikose (apricot)paktl = geschenkpaket (gift-wrapping)patent = führerschein (driving licence)radel = fahrrad (bike)roafen = reifen (wheel)säckele, täschele = plastik-, p…

over the summer

it was quiet here over the summer while i was busy with the move of on blogger, or with life offline. those who track us on the iCloud shared album or by checking the photo page are already in the picture, for the rest here comes a recap of the last months.
the guns n' roses played in munich mid of june and we were there too – the olympic park was crowded by far much more folks than the merano population counts! slash ran the show while axl rose showcased a line of clothing. at the turning of june/july we spent some days in hamburg. fun time back with friends, as well as a 50th birthday on 7-1-17. for the rest however it was... too rainy. too cold. too noisy. too crowded. too rat race style. a scratchy throat got me after two days – something not seen since our move to merano. and there were no mountain around… so at the end, we've been more than happy to get in back home.
summer in south tyrol is made of days and days of sun and heat. one day you may prefer to e…


this one for our geek and nerd readers…
sometimes (or probably more often than not) armin likes to play sheldon cooper, but he won't just realize it. like today. first, while having again one of these internal communication difficulties (due to the interaction man-woman, or french mind-german mind, or precisely nerd-average individual) i was told that we need to synchronize. where i thought to myself heavens-i-am-not-an-iPhone. then, later, sitting comfortably at the terrace of the kienegg inn in the middle of the mountains, ready for this apfelstrudel i was having in mind, or either chasing after, during the 17 km bike ride uphill to a 1,100 altitude, starting a chitchat about the lovely weather, the fantastic panorama, how great it is to be able to escape the city so quickly, and so on, he looked at me and said: 1-0-1 5 (one zero one, five). eh? here the reason, a tiny card on the table: you certainly noticed the error on the cube…
(elucidation this way.)

omg. a cold front.

non ci credo. hard to believe, but in the news yesterday: a "cold front". after two cloudy days and a temperature drop from 30 to 22 °c, they're wondering on the third day bringing, indeed, lots of rain, what happened to the awaited hot summer. truly.
yes, everything is relative, and that's how it is here, everyone gets upset by only one single insignificant cloudy or rainy day. on the other hand, they say that we need more rain… er… or rather the nature needs it, and ideally at night. which, i must confess, would meet my principle too. anyway. today, everybody is happy again: bright blue sky returned, it's getting hot and hotter.
seriously. we're spoiled by the weather, the season and the beautiful nature. and with our new e-mtb, we can now switch outdoor activities between hiking and biking, discovering mountains and valleys with a different view. like up to almost 900 m at masulschlucht gorge in the val passiria. or a afternoon roundtrip of 65 km to bolza…

three days of continuous rain. finally.

finalmente, la pioggia. i see some grins over the line. not that everybody was really waiting for it, except the farmers, however nobody complained as sprinkle started early this week.
after a winter without snow and only barely rain, march and april have been very dry too.
and right after easter, the weather changed course, bringing days of polar air and a strong freezing north wind which upset everyone. and mother nature as well. it hasn’t been so cold since mid february!
at the same time, the public authority announced a water shortage, asking everybody to take care about their own consumption. in our area, obermais, water supply has been switched from source to deep-well which, obviously, isn’t as good as the spring water we normally enjoy from tap.
then, the north wind stopped blowing, letting the clouds take place over south tyrol, so relief came last monday as first raindrops fell, turning to continuous rainfall in the late evening. it lasted until this morning, and…

südtirolerisch – the south tyrol dialect cont.

here you go today, with some new south tyrolean words and phrases pinched in the course of common life: allfälliges = diverse, am ende einer versammlung/besprechung (miscellaneous)ansuchen = beantragen (to request)aufsperren = ein geschäft/einen (kino-, konzert-)saal aufmachen, öffnen (to open)erdäpfel = ja! die kartoffel, wie die französische "pomme de terre" :) (potato)gesuch = anfrage (request)gfollt mir! = das fb "gefällt mir" (the fb like)heuer = dieses jahr, heutzutage (this year)i woas nett = ich weiss es nicht (i don't know)jänner = januar (january)kimm = komm (come on)passt! = das haut hin, das ist gut, das ist richtig/stimmt so, super! (right, works!)unsinniger donnerstag = weiberfastnacht, fettdonnerstag (carnival thursday prior ash wednesday)visite = arzttermin, untersuchung (doctor's appointment, examination)vormerkung = terminvereinbarung beim arzt (making a doctor's appointment) and as for the weather report: it's a beautiful spring, …


now there is no doubt: here on the south side of the alps, in the country under the blue sky, surrounded by mountains, we found our place in the sun.
the two first months of the year are now behind, it’s been a very quiet time in merano. the end of february brought some rain, which was a good turn for mother nature, and since the first week-end of march, we see the spirit of the nice season spreading across the region, just like life is returning to normal – blossoming, flourishing, spring has already arrived, it buds and greens and colors everywhere, lovely scents fills the air, it gets warmer with every day, yes temperature reached 20° c this afternoon. along the pathways and tracks cafes, lodges and taverns are reopening or busy with some last improvements, getting fancy for their start into the nice months, and tourists are slowly returning.
and so each of these beautiful days amazes you, and still it’s a strange feeling… putting away my winter shoes at this time of the year, whi…

by train to bolzano, ötzi and winter's end

a first for me last saturday: since the day we arrived in merano almost four months ago, i finally left my nearest environment by another mode of transportation than my own feet. till then actually, i went once by bus to the hardware shop a couple of stations away, and otherwise only walked in town and on pathways, and hiked on mountain trails – as for the furthest to something like 12 km outside the city limits.
so, it finally happened on saturday that we took the train in the afternoon for a short trip to bolzano. bolzano the capital city of south tyrol, and with a population of nearly 107,000 it’s also far the largest city of the province. there, we went to say hello to ötzi, the 5,300 years old iceman, at the south tyrol museum of archeology. cool thing. and to get back on our feet again after such a memorable moment, we choose the "stadt café città" for a delicious apfelstrudel, and a millefeuille as well because italian/south tyrolean dolci are just good and addictive…