echoes of 2019

and here we are, another year flashed by, we already set off for our 4th year on the south side of the alps, and i should do like marmots do – oversleep the gloomy and cold winter days, i wouldn't miss a single bit of them.
so for now, here a quick recollection of the year – entirely in line with the current taste that climate change knocks on every door…
how it began is here, and as mentioned, march has been a beautiful spring month. though, april and may have been unstable and uncomfortable – unexpectedly dull, rainy, and windy, with temps under 20 ° in the valley and still snowfall in altitude. brr. south tyrol was caught in the clouds.
early summer was right on time on the first day of june, bringing to (sun)light a rich and colourful nature – the late snow melt let abundant river waters sparkle and alpine meadows grow thick of wild flowers and grass.
at the turn of the j-months a north european tour took us away from the mountains for 6 sunny family days in brittany, and 3 (…

spring spring spring yippee

we've not been much snow-enthusiastic this early 2019, so the hike on the first day of the year remains our single snow activity and we put the 3rd winter quickly behind us – this one didn't bother us too long and was rather windy and dry with lots of sunshine. until feb 1st – when it snowed tons of flakes all day and night, in merano 45 l/m2, as much as per 2 months else. a state of exception. then snowfalls stopped and bright sunny weather was back. on feb 22nd temps went up to 21 °c, in the first week of march new grass and first flowers already appeared.
spring begins officially today, it greens and blooms, it's beautiful. apart from that, it's international day of happiness too!

slide into 2019

we put an end to 2018 on a mountain. to get 2019 off to a flying start, we walked, half against strong wind, on a mountain (monte catino, aka mittager) up to the mittager alpine hut (2260 m).

happy new year ✴︎ bonne année ✴︎ frohes neues jahr ✴︎ felice anno nuovo !

hundreds of kilometres on mountain trails

just for the records, here our hiking highlights of spring-summer 2018. 
. one nice warm-up early june with 24 km from avelengo to the omini di pietra (stoanerne mandln, 2000 m) and back.
. two weeks later, things got more serious with 17 km from falzeben to the piccolo ivigna (kleiner ifinger, 2552 m) and back. a steep and tough climb that brought me to the limits, getting the feeling that my legs would no longer have the strength to bring me up the last 100 meters and i really was about to give up. but i'm resolute, and it's lucky – at the top it's like on an island surrounded by a stunning scenery, just as a mountain movie and you're the actor in it.
. first week-end of july we packed our backpacks for 3 days out in the alta val passiria (hinterpasseiertal) where we walked a total of 50 km. as usual we chose zeppichl near plan as our base camp. first day we went from merano to moso by bus and hiked from there to zeppichl (11,5 km). on day two we climbed to the grün…