big and wide

after five days of family happenings and hours of hanging around too, today has been a road trip of 370 miles west on i-70, starting up and down -- between around 5,000 and 11,000 ft through the rockies. once we passed some ski areas, the landscape suddenly turned to steppe-alike with lots of red-earth formations and wide spaces and temperatures increased quickly back in the 90th.
where colorado river met our road, we passed the gleenwood canyon, went through a plateau and along the colorado river under thundershowers with tons of water raining down and low visibility. passing grand junction, weather died down, shortly after: utah -- big, wide, steppe landscape, nothing around except craggy formations known from school books and tv, hot temperatures, wonderful dry air to breathe and driving just straight ahead,feeling so small in the middle of mother's nature vastness.
finally turned on south us-191 and reached moab, where the earth is red, our location for the next four days.