colorado, here we go

yesterday's flight to denver was exhausting. we were not in best form after a boozy friday night (this year's last coming together with friends), followed by a shortened night, and another one even shorter as we had to get up at 4 am to catch our flight to heathrow at 7:20 am. after a quick jump across the channel, four hours inside heathrow airport with a second security check, having a coffee, hanging around in duty-free shops, another coffee, and finally almost 10 damned boring hours in a 777 over water, greenland and half of the united states, we landed in denver. cold and sunny. warm welcome from the le grand colorado clan, two or three glasses of wine and a delayed hanukkah first night took us on the first hours there.

today, sunshine pulled us out of the bed at 8 am, neighborhood was beautiful white of snow (yes, right — i just associated the words 'beautiful' and 'snow'), so after a coffee, we went out to breathe the clear cold air at mckay lake— first run of my life on snowy paths. colorado, here we go!