around boulder

the week after the snow storm has been white and cold but sunny, and ended with windy days. we rented a car for the week-end and went on a day to gold hill, a former site of mining during the colorado gold rush back 1859 – we tried first to access the isolated mountain town with a population around 200 via the left hand canyon drive but we had to turn back after it was impossible to go up the iced lick skilled road with our small vw golf. so we went back to boulder and made the trip via the sunshine canyon drive, a beautiful scenic drive into the mountains. at gold hill general store, we met hugh who was running the business and we enjoyed a good strong cappuccino with a delicious home-made apple pie. at the end, we couldn't resist to get some more awesome oat-chocolate cookies 'for later'. mountain air makes hungry…

on the next day, after a great sushi-night at le grand's home in broomfield, we went for another mountain drive on the peak to peak scenic byway, starting south towards estes park. here, there were many gold mines back in the days and the highway drive is just impressive, taking you via i-70 high to and through the rockies. the trip started under the sun but unfortunately, we only could make it partly on highway 119, which goes through central city and black hawk in clear creek canyon – at such elevation (around 8,600 ft/2,600 m), the weather had already turned cold, snowy and icy, so as we reached nederland, we gave up and went back to boulder on the shortest way. we'll see the peaks next time. there's an about 8 minutes video if you want to get an impression (sensitive ears may want to turn off the sound).

and don't miss the pics!


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