icy cold

icy cold week-end. we're snowed. friday was a high of 60° f, yesterday was all white as we woke up and it has been snowing all day. new january 4 snow record with over 10 inches in boulder, temperatures didn't went over 22° f. snow paused at least as we went out for dinner, silent streets, not a lot going on. no run this morning, to cold (10° f). today, we went to eldora, the next ski resort at 10,800 ft (3,291 m), with a heavy chained shuttle bus through the rockies. it was so cold there above, around 3° f (-16° c)… never had that cold before. we're now warming up with tea and won't go out anymore for today – well, only for a quick jump across the street to pick up some food and a bottle of wine for dinner.

tomorrow's forecast says sunshine and temperatures back at 38° f. hurray!