pineapple express

at settler's park on our running way today.

there was another snow raid on boulder last night. this morning, boulder's dailycamera front page was featuring a "pineapple express"… hem… eh? pineapple express? in terms of pineapples, my brain connects to tropical regions, palm trees, sun, a bowl of pineapple chunks after a morning run on the beach, a piña colada at the end of a hot vacation day – not to a snow storm! nevertheless, it makes sense: a pineapple express is a meteorological phenomenon that forms in the area of hawaii (island-sun-sea-tropics-pineapple!) with moist air. it builds an atmospheric river along the pacific coast and the moist air is pushed through that corridor across the western of north america. that brought this snowfall into colorado yesterday night. (wikipedia is more detailed/accurate on that topic).

cold week-end ahead… florida, siesta key – hear me calling?!


  1. […] saw many nice sunny days (and mild for some of them), things took a turn for the worse after the pineapple express story… first, boulder got tons of snow. deep snow, deep clouds, three days in a row. we chose one of […]


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