so long boulder

time to say good bye. we're leaving boulder today, last sushi-party in broomfield tonight, and tomorrow we'll head up early to the airport and land back at sea level in the evening in fort myers, fl, for two beach weeks on siesta key. we're dying for salty air!… and warm temperatures too. our winter here has been as tough as it gets, with an extremely changing (and challenging!) february month made of snow, cold, clouds, sun, milder temps and high winds too (with gusts to 89 mph/143 km/h on one night last week) – people say it's normally not so cold or breezy as it was this year and the other seasons there are all so beautiful and easy (well… except when it comes to the flood as for last september).

we're not only about to take leave from a gorgeous mountain region,  the #1 sports town in america, but also from america's foodiest town, so here some words about…food! colorado is surely more on food quality than most of the others states in america (in my memory, my first u.s. trip to minnesota didn't made me so wild about american food, but certainly because we were consistently running into the first whatever chain along the highway). colorado offers tons of vegetables and fruits home grown. colorado's cooking culture is creative and makes gourmets happy. colorado is a paradise for anyone who cares on healthy food – organics, gluten-free, vegan, no matter what eating obsession, nobody's left high and dry. we could discover excellent places here, from a simple american deli across the street to more distinguished cooking and nice coffee shops. among all we tried, we loved the restaurants riffs, foolish craigs and leaf, and the coffee shops espressoria and the laughing goat. all on pearl.

our last outdoor highlights: a sportive hike on mount sanistas loop trail steep high and down, and another ride to gold hill (because of the oatmeal choc cookies!!), this time via the fourmile canyon dr/gold run rd. up there, it's like being pushed 100 years back to the time of gold rush. it's peaceful, people are friendly and always open for a chat. i made a video on the way there, but it's quite shaky because of the winter dirt roads.

and to close this colorado chapter– that's true, you need some weeks or months to get acclimated to the elevation. just started to feel fitter, that fatigue and shortness of breath disappeared some days ago.

new pics have been added!