autumn in sa

today’s featured image: spirit of endurance, flinders range.

so, we looped the loop in south australia – weather was cooler, not that perfect like in perth, with cloudy and frizzy mornings and nights. yes, autumn already started here, but we really enjoyed the days in blackwood/adelaide, we walked, hiked and went for morning runs through eucalyptus forests, like in the belair national park where tons of rainbow lorikeets, cockatoos and many other birds sing and the koalas are lazy in the trees. we walked the beach between brighton and glenelg too, and got a closer feeling to the city of adelaide and subburbs. on march 4th, the awesome foo fighters played a fantastic concert of nearly three hours. it was just happiness. very tranquil aussie crowd however, at least in our west stand –no big breaking out, nobody going crazy to the sound of the music. they came, listened, applauded politely, and went home.

and we made a road trip in the outback to the flinders ranges – a breathtaking, magical, extraordinary landscape, around 550 million years old, home of the aborigines (in particular the adnyamathanha people), shaped by the weathering and uplifting of land over millennia. we stood at wilpena pound resort, only few minutes from the pound itself, a natural amphitheater of mountains and of stunning beauty. we saw lots of wildlife – kangaroos, emus, goats, birds… we explored the land on a tremendous looping hike of 20 km on red soil and stones to tanderra saddle and through the pound, as well as on another hike in the bunyeroo gorge. we flew the ranges and marveled at the surrounds from the air, we saw the spirit of endurance, aka the cazneaux tree, as well as many other old and huge river gums, drove the bunyeroo and the brachina gorges on dirt roads and in the bed of the dried river, and admired the wide land around us at the stokes hill lookout.

tonight, we're flying back to the northern hemisphere. what a great time here. life is beautiful. i'll post the last pics from home, our internet connection here is much too slow for now (one thing that really sucks in australia).


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