now there is no doubt: here on the south side of the alps, in the country under the blue sky, surrounded by mountains, we found our place in the sun.

the two first months of the year are now behind, it’s been a very quiet time in merano. the end of february brought some rain, which was a good turn for mother nature, and since the first week-end of march, we see the spirit of the nice season spreading across the region, just like life is returning to normal – blossoming, flourishing, spring has already arrived, it buds and greens and colors everywhere, lovely scents fills the air, it gets warmer with every day, yes temperature reached 20° c this afternoon. along the pathways and tracks cafes, lodges and taverns are reopening or busy with some last improvements, getting fancy for their start into the nice months, and tourists are slowly returning.

and so each of these beautiful days amazes you, and still it’s a strange feeling… putting away my winter shoes at this time of the year, while my colored aussie chucks are smiling at me. che bello!