honestly – that was inevitable, wasn't it? this collective burnout. 

the "corona crisis" aka covid-19 pandemic is currently changing the world. the general quarantine with everything that it involves – our isolation, the slow pace, the empty hours – might be an opportunity to invent a new life… a beam of light in my darkest thoughts.

tons of bad news every day, every now and then positive ones too. nature is recovering in the face of an almost total standstill. the water in the canals of venice, which has been suffering from mass tourism for years, is now cleaner than ever, with myriad of fish swimming around. also dolphins venture into the port of sardinia's capital, cagliari, where ships became something rare. in south tyrol too, the traffic restrictions and measures to contain the coronavirus lead to a significant air quality improvement.

so, putting the situation in a positive light – less freedom, better environment…

is this the point where the insane mankind wakes up from the collective madness?